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Do it yourself

Although it is better to build on your own skills and benefit from your strenghts to optimise your time whilst building your business, you might find it intresting to start your weblife yourself.

IIt is like when you want to build a new house.  You draw a lot of plans, show it to family and redraw it.  But once you want to realize things you go to the architect.


With 3 years experience I can share some best practices with you.

But that works in both ways : if you find something better : tell me !

1. x tips for starting your own company

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2. Register your domain

 Available => Buy => Own

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cool  is my desired domain available ?

When you are brainstorming about a name for your company it is worth to check if the domain is also available.

This website can immediately tell you if your idea is free and if not who owns it : https://www.whois.com/

If you go for .be,  you can check : https://www.dnsbelgium.be


cool Where can I buy a domain ?


There are many providers who sell domains.  The only relevant difference here is the € : is your provider TheHulk or Tartanpion … that really does not matter.  In the next point we cover Hosting and that will make a difference.

I have had some experience and my reco is :   


cool   own your domain

A domain name is essential : www.ImhavingFun.com or www.webtalking.be will be your ‘doorbell’ for many years. Changing this is not so easy as you will be building ranking in Google day after day so changing is starting again from 0.

==> I would certainly recommend to buy your domain yourself. – Make sure you own it – it is yours …


3. Hosting ?

Where to host your website is a very important decision : Your provider will make your site available on the internet for you.

The difference between providers =

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  • # GB ? the space you need
  • speed : the seconds your site needs to popup on the screen of your visitors
  • software that is available to be installed easily ( e.g. WordPress)
  • # mailboxes you can get
  • support : chat ? 24/7 is the best !

Are you asking for my advice ?

I have worked with several hosting providers.

Some are very cheap but buy cheap and waste your money ?

What makes Siteground so different ?

Their service is very reliable :

  • the speed they promise is the speed you get;
  • the helpdesk is very efficient;

Whether you choose to diy or to work with us the cost for you will remain the same.

4. Website/Webshop

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5. seo

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6. social media

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7. to measure is to know

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8. sea

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