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About us

Building the future


We are passionate about tech stuff.

Geek? maybe yes… but in the positive way.

We are continuously searching for new possibilities.  This is not a empty phrase: we have a lifelong commitment with our customers.  If they see possibilities to improve their existing website : we do it without impact on their budgets.  This is our WalkieTalkie support : we monitor your website and enrich it whenever possible.


We have 20 years experience in FMCG.  Fast, yess!, that is our middlename.   We aim to move quickly through projects.

How? During the numerous projects we have managed we have experienced that some cliches are true :

  • let’s not make it complicated (like mike and dimitri vegas)
  • let perfection not stand in the way of good
  • the devil is in the detail
  • build on your strenghts
  • tell what you do and do what you tell

Our customers benefit from this and they hire this level of expertise.


Our customers are like family – the webtalking clan ;-).  We feel and live together.

We want to help our customer grow.  Their success is our mission.

Every dream, every challenge, every growth opportunity … is shared.  We endorse, find solutions, help building … Let’s talk en walk together,

? Your systems department ?

We aim to be part of your company.  Some projects are onsite others not.

Sometimes you need a website, other moments you need a mobile application…

At webtalking we have several expertises and can always be at your service.

Veronique Brisaert